Whole House Repipe

One of the scariest phrases a homeowner will ever hear is "Your house needs to be repiped."  With over 45 years of experience, we know how to do the work conveniently, cleanly, quickly and affordably.

FREE inspection and analysis for your Whole House Repipe.

Whole House Repipe

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How old is your house? Built before 1990? Made with galvanized pipe?

All things wear out and the galvanized pipes in older homes in the Spring and Houston area are no exception. The pipes in these homes are deteriorating. Rust and corrosion are building up on the inside as they are coming to the end of their life cycle.

How do you know if there is a problem building in your homes’ pipes?  How do you know that it’s time for a whole house repipe? Here are some big time clues.

Whole House Repipe Rusty Water

Rusty Water

Does the water run a redish-brown color from a faucet if left off for a few days? That is a sign that rust and corrosion is building up on the inside. The pipes may look fine on the outside but they deteriorating from the inside out.

Call EPW Services for a repipe consultation.

Whole House Repipe Low Water Pressure

Low Water Pressure

Does the water pressure for some reason seem to be getting lower and lower? This could be from rusty debris in the pipes or a leak you haven’t noticed yet and will soon be causing a lot of damage.

Before it gets worse, get a consultation from EPW Services to find and fix the problems.

Whole House Repipe Cold Shower

Cold Showers

Does the shower go cold every time someone flushes the toilet or turns on a faucet? This could be a sign that corrosion is clogging up the inside of your pipes. The problem is only going to get worse.

Don’t wait until a disaster happens, call EPW Services for a repipe consultation.

Whole House Leaking pipes

Little Leaks

Does your plumbing now need constant patching of little leaks? Right now you are just putting band-aids on a problem that is only going to get worse. Soon one of these little leaks will get very big very fast, causing some real damage.

Call EPW Services and stop the leaks once and for all.

Repair or Repipe?

Just thinking about a whole house repiping project is cause for a migraine headache for most homeowners. It’s a nerve-wracking trip into the unknown. Questions like how long will it take, how will the actual work affect our house, will it work and most of all, what is this going to cost will stress anyone to the max.  

The first thought is to just repair a leak or a clogged pipe. For a little while, that does work. Maybe.

All-too-often, though, you repair one leak just in time for another leak to pop-up. Then another. Deteriorating pipe creates a health hazard for your family. All of that rust and debris in your water isn’t good for you, never mind what it does to the pipes.

Repiping happens because your house ages. Your galvanized pipes corrode and weaken over time. Delaying a repiping project can cost thousands of additional dollars later if a major problem occurs.

Cost to Repipe a House

A whole house repipe sounds scary and expensive. Fortunately we offer options to meet your needs and budget.

Your Repiping Options

Uponor Pex Pipe

PEX Tubing from Uponor

Europeans first adopted PEX. It’s a flexible plastic tubing approved for use now in all 50 states. It’s flexibility means it installs quickly and minimizes any installation repair work. PEX will not corrode, resists scale buildup, is color coded for hot and cold water, is easily repairable, resists freeze breakage better than copper, and does not transfer heat like copper so it conserves energy.  It lasts for decades. It costs much less than copper and no one is interested in stealing it.

Copper Pipes Whole House Repipe

Copper Tubing

Copper’s use in plumbing goes back centuries. There are no unknowns with copper. Because of its high price, thieves love it. Copper piping is proven to last last longer than any other type of tubing. Copper tubing resists corrosion and it does have some antibacterial properties. Copper tubing can even increase the value of your house. Copper is unaffected by ultraviolet rays so it can be used outdoors, unlike PEX. Cooper also connects directly to a water heater, unlike PEX.

Galvanized Pipe Whole House Repipe

Galvanized Pipe

Keep what you have now. It’s strengths and problems are very well known. Galvanized pipe is simply steel pipe coated with zinc to prevent rust and corrosion. The problem is the zinc coating wears off in the inside of the tube and you are back to where you started. The pipes start to corrode all over again, turning your tap water redish-brown, lowering water pressure and springing leaks. The tubing is cost competitive with PEX, but it costs more to install than PEX

Why Hire EPW Services?

EPW Services is a local plumbing service company. Plumbing is all we do. Or goal is to fix your problem quickly and efficiently, not sell you services you don’t need.

We bring over 45 years of experience to every repipe job we do. EPW Services is licensed as a Master Plumber. Our mission is to serve our customers openly and honestly, recommending the best option for your needs.

All of our work is guaranteed. EPW Services is fully insured and we are financially sound.

We work hard to maintain our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Home Advisors gives us its top ratings because of the high number of 5 star reviews we get. Our repeat customers trust our recommendations because we will only quote what you need to solve your problem. They appreciate our commitment to excellent workmanship. They have come to expect it and we are happy they do.

Your home’s old galvanized pipes are leaking? Running an unhealthy brown water? Tired of low pressure and cold showers?

Get in touch with EPW Services for a free inspection and a free estimate.

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