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Why we are the 5 star plumbing company for Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball, Humble and the entire Houston area.

The Founders of EPW Services

The 5 Star Plumbing Company

Hello, I am Edmond “Hap” Warren. My wife and I own EPW Services, LLC. I lead a team of plumbing specialists to take care of all your residential and commercial plumbing needs.

I chose to work in this industry because I was raised in it. I started as a plumber working as my grandfather’s shadow with his plumbing company and I learned a lot from him. The most important thing I learned was to take pride in my work and do every job the right way.

Although we service all of the Houston area, I love working in the Spring/Klein/The Woodlands area because this is where I grew up and I consider this my home. I am a graduate of Klein High School. This community has been very good to me. One of the goals of our plumbing company is to improve the quality of life of our customers by maintaining their plumbing.

I became a professional plumber in 1977, working and studying to become a Responsible Master Plumber. My wife and I started EPW Services LLC as a family owned and operated company in 2010. Our mission statement is “Built with Quality and Integrity” and our plumbing specialists start and complete each job with that in mind – we won’t have it any other way.

One of the most important accomplishments as a Responsible Master Plumber and business owner is hiring and training our awesome crew. We have 30+ years of plumbing knowledge together, as well as keeping up to date on the latest industry standards with continuing education.

Our business is divided into two departments, our Repipe Division and our Service Division. Each department takes great pride in customer service and completing a job with minimum disruption to a family’s home. Our awesome crew is some of the guys you see below. In my opinion, they simply do a better, more knowledgeable job than any other company in order to finish a job quickly. They are the reason we are a 5 Star Plumbing Company.

The Crew at EPW Services

Any business is only as good as the people supporting the crews out in the field doing the work. Meet two of the best, Jordon and Mark.  They keep our office humming and the crews running.

Mark and Jordan Web EPW Services Office Staff

So, when you see the EPW Services, LLC van pull up to your home, you can be assured your plumbing problem will be completed with quality and integrity!

Edmond "Hap" Warren, Owner

EPW Services, LLC

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