Slab Leak Detection Services

Investigate, find and fix slab leaks before the damage gets out of hand. With over 45 years experience, EPW Services uses the tools and technology to repair slab leaks so they never come back.

FREE inspection and analysis to find destructive slab leaks.

Is There a Leak Under Your Slab?

Slab leaks are tricky. The signs that pipes under your slab are leaking are not always obvious.

The trick is to track the clues and see where they lead. Then call EPW Services for a thorough investigation.

Clues Pipes Are Leaking Under Your Slab

Do you notice any of the following?

  • Your water bill goes up for no reason
  • Low water pressure
  • Damp carpets or discolored spots on the floor
  • Walking on the floor barefoot you feel warm spots
  • Cracks on the foundation
  • Plants around the foundation growing unevenly because some are getting a lot of water
  • No faucets or taps are running, yet you hear the sound of running water
  • A musty, foul odor coming from a wall or section of the floor
  • Cracks or shifts in your floors and walls

These are signs a pipe may be leaking under your slab. If you see one or more of these clues there could be a serious leak under your home. You need to call EPW Services to find the leaking pipe.

What We Do To Find the Leak

Our plumbers use the latest equipment  - line tracing tools, electronic listening and camera services - to first find the leak.

Then we offer you the most convenient, least disrupting and most cost effective way to fix your leaking pipe.

What causes a leak? Could be any number of reasons, the most common being Houston’s shifting and heaving clay soil. Poor construction and corrosion are other common causes. Whatever the reason, you have a serious issue under your house to fix.

What A Slab Leak Does to Your Home

Whatever the reason, if left alone, even a small slab leak will turn into an expensive repair. A slab leak will erode and weaken the soil under the slab, damaging and even collapsing your foundation. That puts pressure on other pipes under your foundation, causing more leaks and more damage. In really bad cases crushed pipes will burst and flood your entire house.

A slab leak will damage your walls, floors and furnishings and potentially cause health issues. If you see the signs of a slab leak, time is not your friend.

The best thing you can do is call EPW Services to learn if you do have a slab leak and where the leak is located and let us fix it for good.

Talk To EPW Services About Slab Leak Detection

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