Do you really need a water softener for your home? 

Many homes in Texas experience the key signs of hard water. When groundwater flows through the pipes of your home the dissolved minerals combine with heat, leaving scale and buildup that damages your pipes and fixtures. Overtime this hard water can lead to costly repairs to your homes plumbing.

  • Are there watermarks on your faucets, even though you just cleaned them?
  • Is there excessive lime and chalk buildup on the walls of sinks and showers in your home?
  • Are your white clothes dingy or your colors fading unusually fast?
  • Does your water taste or smell wrong?
  • Is your skin and hair feeling dry or itchy after a shower?
  • Do you have low water pressure?
  • Have your appliances broken down quicker than they should?
  • Do your dishes have watermarks and residue on them when they dry?

If you are experiencing any of these issues or concerns, a water softener may be right for you.

We offer Northstar and Gemline professional grade water softeners. They are guaranteed to be lead free and will not restrict water flow like cheaper water softeners. Both brands have complimentary filtration systems that we can gladly install as well.

Generally, those on city water are recommended to use a whole house carbon filtration system for general multi-purpose whole house purification. This filtration is effective in removing chlorine, chloramines, odor to provide chemical free water throughout your entire home. While the softener does not work as a filter it can be combined with any whole house filtration system and together they provide clean and soft water throughout your residence.

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standard filter

60,000 grain Gemline Water softener install with carbon filter

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